about us

Aksin Shoe-Trade has been leading the shoe manufacturing since 1987. Beside our *Total Quality* concept , we are making use of the latest technology possibilities continuously.


Our mission

Aksin Shoe-Trade working on satisfying his employees and his customers expectations well,aiming to approach the universal and the Standard quality in his products and services *ISO 9001* .


our vision

Throughout all our activities according to the accepted national and the international values we are putting the customer satisfaction as out first priority.

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Quality Production

Imagine a Brand ...

25 years of experience we are with honor providing our shoe models and brand’s products *high quality product* to the people not only inside turkey but also to the whole world.

  • Customer-centered service and product understanding.
  • Our aim will be always to be *the best* and the *irreplaceable*.
  • Our most important asset is our human resource.
  • Creating sources to be always improved is our aim.
  • Adhering to superior business morals and honest working principles is a prime principle for us.
  • We aim to add strength to the Turkish economy that we are taking our power from it.
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